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  • Engler A, Zhang R, and Taylor V.

Notch and Neurogenesis

Paper URL: Springer

Neurogenesis is the process of forming neurons and is essential during vertebrate development to produce most of the neurons of the adult brain. However, neurogenesis continues throughout life at distinct locations in the vertebrate brain. Neural stem cells (NSCs) are the origin of both embryonic and adult neurogenesis, but their activity and fate are tightly regulated by their local milieu or niche. In this chapter, we will discuss the role of Notch signaling in the control of neurogenesis and regeneration in the embryo and adult. Notch-dependence is a common feature among NSC populations, we will discuss how differences in Notch signaling might contribute to heterogeneity among adult NSCs. Understanding the fate of multiple NSC populations with distinct functions could be important for effective brain regeneration.



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