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Elena Parmigiani


Gliomas are the most common malignant brain tumors with limited therapeutic options and poor patient prognosis. Despite the tremendous efforts that have been made to understand the biology of these tumors, the molecular bases of glioma formation are still largely unknown.

Notch signaling has a crucial role in the maintenance and function of neural stem cells and aberrant Notch activity has been implicated in the development of numerous diseases including tumors. The role of Notch in glioma is still controversial and may be context-dependent and differ between glioma subtype and stage of tumor progression. Recently, we identified a tumor suppressor function of Notch signaling in glioma mouse models (Giachino et al., 2015) and mutations inactivating Notch receptors have been found in some forms of human glioma.

I aim to elucidate the role of Notch signaling and the underlying molecular mechanisms during gliomagenesis.


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* equal contribution


2020 Forschungsfonds Nachwuchsforschende from the University of Basel
2021 Start-up grant from Stiftung Tumorforschung Kopf-Hals

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